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Is the budget fair?

George Osborne on budget day
More or Less
Friday, 25 June 2010
BBC Radio 4, 1330 BST

George Osborne said of his emergency budget: "Overall, everyone will pay something, but the people at the bottom of the income scale will pay proportionally less than the people at the top. It is a progressive budget."

True? More or Less explains why VAT may not be regressive, but the spending cuts to come will be.

Drink drive numbers

drink driving
What are the numbers behind the latest drink driving review?

The North Review of drink driving legislation says
reducing the blood alcohol limit could save several hundred lives a year.

Tim asks Professor Allan Brennan - who co-authored the research on which the claim is based - how the estimate was calculated.

Beautiful information

more or less listener graph

Last week we asked you to help create a data-set for information designer David McCandless by telling us what you were doing while listening to More or Less.

You replied in your thousands - thank you - and David has, as promised, used your responses (and some other numbers we gave him) to create a one-page representation of the programme.

See the listener data visualisation, early draft image and download a printable version here.

Potty parity

Toilet sign
What should be the ideal male to female toilet ratio?

The US Congress has been looking at draft legislation which would require government buildings to provide enough "restrooms" to ensure women don't have to wait longer for the loo than men.

But as Professor John Banzhaf explains, providing equal access to the bathroom is a trickier mathematical and legal problem than one might think.

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