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Pay gap trap

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More or Less
Friday, 18 June 2010
BBC Radio 4, 1330 BST

Women do earn less than men. But how much less? And why?

We turn to the latest and best research to explore why measuring and explaining the gender pay gap is far more difficult than many think.

Pension tension

Nick Clegg says public sector pensions are "gold-plated" and "not affordable".

But will they really cost every household £4,000 a year, as one newspaper reported?

And do they only pay £58 pounds a week to a woman who has worked her whole life in local government, as one union claimed?

Maths busking

Ruth Alexander tries her hand at maths busking in Manchester.

There is a new breed of performer coming to a street near you - the maths busker.

Maths buskers are mathematicians-turned-entertainers. And they are recruiting.

Would More or Less reporter Ruth Alexander make the grade?

Read more about taking maths to the streets.

The sticker puzzle

All over the country children are busy collecting football stickers for their World Cup albums.

But how many stickers should you expect to have to buy to complete an album?

Tim asks blogger Simon Whitehouse and Open University statistician Kevin McConway to crack the problem.

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