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The public transport problem

Crowded public transport in Bangladesh
More or Less
Friday, 15 January 2010
BBC Radio 4, 1330 GMT

Is it always more environmentally-friendly to take public transport?

Perhaps not.

Buses, for example, are not very efficient.

And for much of the time they're fairly empty, increasing emissions per passenger.

The BBC's 'Ethical Man', Justin Rowlatt, says despite that we should always favour buses, because they're running anyway.

But is he right? And, if he is, wouldn't the same argument suggest we should travel by plane, too?

Politics by numbers

Voting in a British election
The next General Election must take place before 3 June

The Liberal Democrats have long argued that it would be fairer to have a system of proportional representation.

Now some Conservatives have been making their own complaint: that the system will work against their party in the forthcoming election.

Are they right?

Election survival guide

Michael Portillo, 1984
An eager young politician on the campaign trail in the 1980s

As the pre-election campaign campaign sputters into life, we can expect a few wild claims and desperate promises to be thrown our way.

So we asked Michael Blastland to put together an election survival guide - to help us all decode the rhetoric.

The scale of Wales

Welsh flag
Wales - 8,022 square miles (or 20,779 square kilometres)

An area the size of Wales is a standard unit of measurement for journalists.

But why do so many newsworthy things happen to areas that size? And how useful is the comparison?

More or Less works out a more complete Wales scale - from the National Botanic Gardens (1/10,000) to Snowdonia National Park (1/10).

BBC Radio 4's More or Less was broadcast on Friday, 15 January 2010 at 1330 GMT and is repeated on Sunday, 17 January at 2000 GMT.

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