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Domestic violence

Home Office report - taken from the Home Office website
More or Less
Friday, 15 May 2009
BBC Radio 4, 1330 BST

A frequently-cited statistic says domestic violence is the leading cause of death or injury for women aged 15-44.

It has been widely reported and appears in government reports.

We explain why it is completely wrong.

And we ask how we can get better data on domestic violence.

Eating humble pi

Think of a number. Any number. Is it in pi?

The decimal expansion of pi contains every possible sequence of numbers, Tim said last week.

But was he right?

Some listeners thought not.

We tuck into another slice of pi with the help of Toby O'Neil from the Open University

White-collar blues?

People queuing outside a job centre in London
The Guardian claimed 'south worst hit by increase in benefit claimants'

The Guardian and Financial Times say the recession is hitting white-collar workers hardest.

And they have the numbers to back it up too.

Or do they?

We examine the data with the help of Ali Muriel, a loyal listener from the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Thinking inside the box

Noel Edmonds and Tim Harford
Tim visited Noel Edmonds at the Endemol studios

Millions watch it, but does the Channel 4 game show Deal or No Deal help us to think about probability?

Or does it encourage irrational belief in lucky numbers?

Tim goes on set to find out how far maths informs the contestants' - and the banker's - moves.

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