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More or Less archive December 2008 - January 2009

Here is a list of programmes featured in the Winter 2008/09 series of BBC Radio 4's More or Less .

You can listen to individual programmes by clicking on "Listen to the programme" or find out further information by clicking "Read more".

23 January, 2009

Tim Harford asked how do you make statistics useful to those seeking IVF treatment?

16 January, 2009

Tim Harford was joined by Vince Cable MP, Charles Clarke MP and Fraser Nelson to discuss the use and abuse of numbers in politics.

9 January, 2009

Are 80% of prostitutes in the UK really controlled by traffickers, pimps and drug dealers? Plus, maths in ancient Babylon.

2 January, 2009

Are professional forecasters only marginally better than monkeys? Plus, why so many of us tend to think we are above average.

26 December, 2008

Konnie Huq and Dave Gorman take part in a numbers quiz. Plus, the statistics on Christmas and divorce.

19 December, 2008

Were the Strictly Come Dancing results really due to a set of "exceptional circumstances"'? Plus, imperial measures.

12 December, 2008

Are Irish sausages really too toxic to eat? Plus, the oddities of British street numbering.

5 December, 2008

Do 10% of girls really suffer the most serious form of abuse? Plus risk managers and the credit crunch.

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