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Cutting the cost of health care
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More or Less
Thursday, 14 July, 2005
BBC Radio 4, 1500 BST

In this week's More or Less, we looked at a financial health problem where the first attempt at cure was more costly than disease.

The problem: How do you cut costs in the NHS?

The answer: By targeting preventative care on those who cost most. But who are they?

In the past we said they were the ones who needed acute care this year.

New research suggests this was wrong. The costliest in the future, turn out not to be the costliest now.

More or Less found that the policy of targeting preventative care on this year's sick probably costs more money and looks at the new research that may produce more reliable savings.

Worthy facts

And we asked you a question. Does every fact worthy of the name have to have a number in it?

We brought together the writer of a book called "50 Facts that Should Change the World", a statistician and a philosopher to discuss the suggestion that the only facts that seem to matter these days are expressed numerically.

And we invited you to send in your examples of facts that could change the world, that are not.

Visualising measurements

And finally, what does a tonne of CO2 look like? We hear this unit of measurement all the time, but does it make any human sense?

Thousands, millions of tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere, too much to picture in a space hard to imagine, measured in a weight that we cannot feel.

As climate change fills the news, we looked for a better way of making sense of the quantities.

More Or Less was broadcast on Thursday, 14 July, 2005 at 1500 BST on BBC Radio 4.

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Number free facts
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