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December 2005 - February 2006

Here is a list of programmes featured in December 2005 - February 2006 series of BBC Radio 4's More or Less.

You can listen to individual programmes by clicking on "Listen to the programme" or find out further information by clicking "Read more".

2 February, 2006

We look at public perception in statistics and what do trampolines have in common with beauty competitions and the stock market? More or Less investigates. And more hedgehogs.

26 January, 2006

This week we look at social capital and investigate the fundamental problem of calculating it. Also, how do you count animals that are not easy to count?

19 January, 2006

We examine value added tables for secondary schools, left-handedness and life expectancy and whether bad numbers in the news are the result of lying.

12 January, 2006

We look at the trend of ranking everything from education to transport and public services and ask are they useful?

5 January, 2006

More or Less asks how difficult counting things can be and investigates the problem of what statisticians call data capture.

29 December, 2005

We looked at the Monty Hall problem, subjective feelings and objective measurements, and what happens when numbers meet ethics.

22 December, 2005

We looked at the Turner Commission's report into pensions, why things go wrong at the worst possible moment and speed cameras.

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