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Sept00_Dec00 Thursday, 31 August, 2006, 15:19 GMT 16:19 UK

Money Box - Saturday 30 December 2000
Where to invest in 2001? Inland falters. Sorting out your paperwork, what to keep and what to throw away.

Money Box - Saturday 23 December 2000
Axa Orphan Assets, Credit at Christmas, Equitable Life, Long Term Care, Monopoly.

Money Box - Saturday 16 December 2000
What does the election of George W Bush mean for the economy? Equitable Life. Compensation for Money Box listener after 3 year battle. Savings interest rates.

Money Box - Saturday 9th December 2000
Equitable Life, 3 billion Unclaimed Benefits, Missing 20,000 Inheritance, How to Send Money Abroad, Equity Release.

Money Box Live/Phone In Monday 4 December 2000
Managing Your Money on the Internet

Money Box - Saturday 2nd December 2000
Royal Scottish Assurance fined by FSA, Key Features Documents, SERPS, Missing 20,000 inheritance, Pension Sharing.

Money Box - Saturday 25 November 2000
Ethical Investing, Halifax Conversion Windfall Shares, Savings Interest Rates, NatWest Fine, Bristol Seller's Pack Scheme, Boots Credit Card

Money Box Live/Phone In - Monday 13 November 2000
Divorce and separation Please note that due to technical problems the programme was shorter than usual.

Money Box - Saturday 11 November 2000
Pre-Budget Statement, Independent Financial Advisers and Tied Advisers, Winter Fuel Payments

Money Box Live/Phone In - Monday 6 November 2000
Insurance policies and claims

Money Box - Saturday 4 November 2000
Savings Rates, Flood Insurance, Tax, Bradford & Bingley Conversion.

Money Box - Saturday 28th October 2000
Debt, Internet Banking, Private Medical Insurance, Missing Tax Records, Finding an IFA, Free TV Licences.

Money Box 21 October 2000
Widow's Compensation, Lorry Drivers Tax, Insurance Quality Mark, Endowment Compensation, Finding an IFA, Bradford & Bingley.

Money Box Live/Phone In - 16 October 2000
Why changing your bank could save you quite a lot of money.

Money Box Interview with Vanni Treves
Chairman of Equitable Life

Money Box 14 October 2000
Interest Only Mortgages, Flooding, Junk Mail, New Halifax Current Account, Investing in Modern Art.

Money Box Live/Phone In - 9th October 2000 3pm (BST)
Paul Lewis and guests - Caroline Bielanska, Solicitors for the Elderly; Philip Spiers, Nursing Home Fees Agency and Pauline Thompson, Age Concern took your calls on Long Term Care

Money Box 7th October 2000
Endowment Mortgages, Tower Block Mortgages, Tracker Funds.

Money Box Live/Phone In - 2 October 2000 3pm (BST)
Paul Lewis and guests - Michelle Cracknell from independent financial advisers A & B Services, Raj Mody from pension consultants Bacon & Woodrow and Joanne Segars, Senior Pension Officer at the TUC took your calls on pensions.

Money Box Survey on Tower Blocks
Further information

Money Box 30 September 2000
Endowment Mortgages, Pensions and Retirement, TESSA Compensation, Low Interest Accounts, Human Rights Act, Pensions in Australia.

Money Box Live phone in - 25 September 2000 3pm (BST)
Housing, Property and Buying to Let.

Money Box 23 September 2000
Time to Invest?, Finding a Broker, Choosing Stocks, Credit Card Trap, LSE Problems, New Banking Code.

Money Box Live phone in - 18 September 2000 3pm (BST)
Student Finance with Geraldine Bailey, Student Money Adviser, Middlesex University, Moira Elms, Personal Finance Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ken Lloyd Jones, Scottish Affairs Officer, Scottish National Union of Students.

Money Box - 16 September 2000
Fuel Crisis, Banks Treatment of Widow, Interest Rates, Woolwich Vote, Pensioner Savings Trap, Winter Fuel Payments.

Money Box Live phone-in - 11 September 2000 3pm (BST)
Tax with Anne Redston from Ernst and Young and John Battersby of KPMG.

Money Box - 9 September 2000
Oil Prices, Bereavement Tax Allowance, Savings Interest Rates, Internet Card, Moon For Sale.

Money Box Live phone-in - 4 September 2000 3pm (BST)
Savings and Investment with Elissa Bayer from stockbrokers Greig Middleton and Graham Hooper from independent financial advisers Chase de Vere

Money Box - 2 September 2000
Personal debt, Car Prices, Axa, Accelerator Mortgages, Individual Learning Accounts.
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