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Jan02_July02 Wednesday, 4 June, 2003, 13:31 GMT 14:31 UK

Radio 4's Money Box Live - Monday at 1500hrs Money Box Live - Monday 15 July 2002
Money Box Live looked at savings and investments in a programme extended for half an hour online.

Pensions and savings Money Box - Saturday 13 July 2002
Pickering report; Sandler's proposals; holiday insurance; markets and share perks.

Tax return Money Box Live - Monday 8 July 2002
Paul Lewis took your calls on tax and tax planning on Monday at 1500hrs.

Money Box - Saturday 6 July 2002
Pensions; investing; Equitable Life and credit cards.

Money Box Live - Monday 1 July 2002
Paul Lewis takes calls on banking for people who have suffered bankruptcy or financial hardship.

Money Box - Saturday 29 June 2002
We examine WorldCom, pensions, credit unions, charity accounts, holiday money and Railtrack.

Money Box Live - 24 June 2002
Paul Lewis takes your calls on mortgages, renting and buying-to-let.

Money Box - 22 June 2002
We examine annuities, public sector pensions, travel refunds, pensioner benefits, Cash Isa's and bonds and Cheltenham & Gloucester.

Money Box Live - 17 June 2002
Paul Lewis takes your calls on student finance.

Money Box - 15 June 2002
We examine Royal & Sun Alliance, DVT, Aberdeen Asset Management, housing benefit, EPA and Cheltenham & Gloucester.

Money Box Live - 10 June 2002
Paul Lewis takes your calls on investing in the stockmarket.

Money Box - 8 June 2002
We examine the markets, investing in gold, bonds, bankruptcy and Equitable Life.

Money Box Live - 3 June 2002
Vincent Duggleby takes your calls on holiday finance issues.

Money Box - 1 June 2002
We examine Enduring Power of Attorney, share certificates, with-profits, buy-to-let and credit cards abroad.

Money Box Live - 27 May 2002
Vincent Duggleby takes your calls on pensions.

Money Box - 25 May 2002
We examine final salary pension schemes, Egg's 'money manager', expat pensions, the cost of solar power and Equitable Life.

Money Box Live - 20 May 2002
Vincent Duggleby takes your calls on saving and investing.

Money Box - 18 May 2002
We examine at part-time workers pensions, split capital investment trusts, energy providers, endowments for mortgages and National Savings

Money Box Live - 13 May 2002
Vincent Duggleby took your calls on banking problems.

Money Box - 11 May 2002
We examine data protection, pensions for women, ISAs and the Revenue, housing association property buying and Equitable Life.

Money Box Live - 6 May 2002
We discuss the potential risks and rewards of investing in items such as art, antiques and wine, rather than shares.

Money Box - 4 May 2002
We examine difficulties getting credit, charity trustees, ITV Digital, New annuity rules, cutting the cost of childcare and Barclays share split.

Money Box - 27 April 2002
Do increased national insurance contributions pose a threat to pensions? Annuities. Equitable Life. Basic bank accounts. Unclaimed Halifax/Birmingham Midshires shares & cash. Tax evasion.

Money Box Live - April 22 2002
Tax and Tax Credits

Money Box - 20 April 2002
Budget 2002. Equitable Life. Pensions. Mini Cash ISA's with Fixed and Guaranteed Interest Rates.

Budget phone-in - April 18 2002
Vincent Duggleby hosts a special edition of Money Box, answering questions about the chancellors budget speech

Money Box Live - April 15 2002
Housing and Mortgages

Money Box - April 13 2002
Budget 2002. Over 50's Life Insurance. Split Capital Investment Trusts. Guaranteed Interest Rates on Current and Savings Accounts. Frozen Pensions Challenge.

Money Box Live - April 8 2002
Pensions and Benefits

Money Box - April 6 2002
Zero Dividend Preference Shares. Enduring Power of Attorney. Stakeholder Pensions. Cashback Cards. Maternity Benefits.

Money Box Live - 30 March, 2002
Barclays payment problems, Railtrack shares, the housing market, part-timers' pensions, share clubs.

Money Box Live - 25 March 2002
Small Business Banking

Money Box - 23 March 2002
Post Office Cash Point Charges. Company Car Tax. Employer Expense Accounts. Child Support Agency. Equitable Life.

Money Box Live - 18 March 2002
End of year tax planning

Money Box - 16 March 2002
Pensions, Small Business Banking, Council Tax, Dual Rate Mortgages,Winter Fuel Payments

Money Box - 9 March 2002
Halifax, Pensions, State Second Pensions, Barclaycard Reward Scheme, Property Investment

Money Box Live Phone In - 4 March 2002
Individual Savings Accounts

Money Box - 2 March 2002
Pensions in Peril, Public Sector Pensions, Individual Savings Accounts, Benefits, Railtrack Dividends

Money Box - Saturday 23 February 2002
Nationwide, Universal Bank, Credit Cards, Credit Card Advertising, The British Museum, Britannia Building Society Members' Bonuses

Money Box Live Phone In - Monday 18 February 2002
Credit Cards and Credit Card Debt.

Money Box - Saturday 16 February 2002
Equitable Life, Company Pension Schemes, American Express, Marks and Spencer, Maturing Tessas.

Money Box - 9 February 2002
Final Salary Pensions, Annuities, Equitable Life, Children's Finance, Split Captial Investment Trusts, Dual Rate Mortgages

Money Box - 2 February 2002
Halifax Mortgages, Extended Warranties, Equitable Life, Scottish Widdows Guarantees, Teachers' Tax Claims

Money Box Live Phone In - 28 January 2002
Enduring Power of Attorney, Wills

Money Box - 26 January 2002
Company Cars, Insurance and HIV, Cash ISA's, Enron, Enduring Power of Attorney

Money Box - Saturday 19 January 2002
Endowment Promises, Joint Account Rules, Financial Advisors, Premium Bonds and Benefits, Tax Questions and Answers.

Money Box - Saturday 12 January 2002
Interest Paying Accounts, With Profits Bonuses, Scottish Provident Windfalls, Equitable Life, Carry Back/Carry Forward

The Money Box archive contains information and transcripts for programmes going back to September 2000.
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