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NatWest payment backlog

Natwest ATMs
BBC Radio 4's Money Box
Saturday, 22nd June 2012 at 1204 BST On Radio 4 and Online

Thousands of NatWest accounts have been severely disrupted by computer problems. Payments have not been appearing on balances, leaving some unable to access wages.

Some RBS and Ulster Bank accounts have also been affected, but NatWest says no one will be left out of pocket.

Paul Lewis hears from customers who have had their house sale or holiday disrupted by the computer problems.

Paul speaks to Susan Allen, Director of Customer Services for RBS group.

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Money Box has learnt that some PayPal customers trying to get help with their accounts are ending up phoning a premium rate phone line and paying up to £65 for advice from a completely unconnected firm.

The company - which runs a website - charges them £1.50 a minute to get advice which can't be relied upon and is publicly available for free elsewhere.

Bob Howard reports.

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When is tax avoidance morally wrong?

When does tax avoidance - which at its most benign is putting money into an ISA or pension - become 'morally wrong' to politicians from the Prime Minister down?

Chancellor George Osborne promised in his Budget to crack down on what he called 'aggressive' tax avoidance and he is consulting on a new law to stamp out what the consultation paper calls 'abusive and artificial tax avoidance'. But where is the line drawn?

Treasury Committee chairman Andrew Tyrie and chartered accountant Elaine Clark from join the programme.

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