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Raw deal over holiday pay

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BBC Radio 4's Money Box
Saturday, 21 April 2012 at 1204 BST On Radio 4 and Online

One of Britain's biggest recruitment agencies has been accused of systematically underpaying people it recruits into temporary jobs.

Temporary workers are entitled to holiday pay but they can't normally take it. So when their job ends they get paid for it instead.

But Adecco goes against official guidance and rounds down holiday pay to the nearest day - which could cost someone simply earning the minimum wage nearly £50.

Ben Carter reports and Paul Lewis speaks to Sarah Veale, Head of the Equality and Employment Rights Department at the TUC, Ronnie Fox, principal of Fox employment lawyers and Chris Moore, Managing Director of Adecco Group Solutions.

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Wine investment worries continue

Money Box has learnt that people involved in a wine investment company which collapsed last year owing £10 million pounds are again active selling in the same field.

The Insolvency Service has recently closed four wine investment firms which it found to be trading against the public interest.

But experts in the wine investment field believe the authorities should be doing much more to clamp down.

Bob Howard reports and Paul talks to Robert Burns, Head of Investigations and Enforcement for The Insolvency Service.

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Power of Attorney

If you have power of attorney so you can deal with a relative's financial affairs, how easy have you found it to deal with banks and building societies?

Are they clear what documents you need or what kind of account you can open?

Research by the financial website, suggests banks are inconsistent about what they require, often leaving relatives bewildered and confused by the whole process, at a time when they are already distressed.

Money Box hears from one listener given the runaround by her bank and Paul Lewis talks to SavvyWoman founder, Sarah Pennells.

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One listener tells Money Box he borrowed more than four thousand pounds to pay the upfront fee to get compensation on eleven Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claims. Ten months later he is still waiting and paying a hundred pounds a month in interest.

Another listener is angry that a PPI management firm took nearly six hundred and fifty pounds from her credit card without authorisation.

Common complaints, we hear about the way PPI claims firms operate.

We talk to Kevin Rousell, Head of Claims Management Regulation at the Ministry of Justice about why his team has closed down seven hundred and thirty four firms which process claims for mis-paid Payment Protection Insurance claims - and let more than three thousand stay in business.

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