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Olympic ticket problems continue

Two olympians and GB flag
BBC Radio 4's Money Box
Saturday, 28 May 2011 at 1204 BST On Radio 4 and Online

Money Box has learned that more than a hundred Barclaycard customers who have applied for tickets for the London 2012 Olympics have had their purchases declined because their bank mistakenly suspected they were fraudulent transactions.

This wasn't supposed to happen as Visa - the only accepted payment platform - had already warned the card providers to watch out for higher than normal customer payments going to the Olympic organisers.

This is a key week for those people who are waiting to see whether they have been successful in the Olympic ballot. Organisers expect the vast majority of payments to go through by May 31st.

Bob Howard investigates.

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Elderly care fees

Is it worth paying for advice to try to get the NHS to foot the bill for an elderly relative in a nursing home?

With fees easily reaching £30,000 a year or more offers of help to get them paid by the NHS may seem tempting. Especially as any change can be backdated, sometimes for several years.

But how likely is it you will win? And what might it cost you? Those were the questions from one Money Box listener.

Lesley McAlpine reports and the programme hears from Jean French, Carers UK

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Employees encouraged to give up final salary pensions

The Pensions Minister has raised the alarm this week about what might look like tempting financial offers to leave a final salary pension scheme or to give up inflation-proofing.

It's thought to be a popular move by companies trying to get their pension scheme deficit down. The consultants Aon Hewitt say that 1 in 5 companies it surveyed say they have made an 'enhanced transfer value' to members or are very likely to do so in the future.

But the government and the Pensions Regulator are worried that some employers are tricking people into giving up valuable financial rights.

Paul talks to the Pensions Minister, Steve Webb and Alison Bailey from The Pensions Advisory Service.

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Getting the best currency deal

Getting the best exchange rate for foreign currency can be tricky. Hundreds of businesses now offer the service.

But with the pound currently weak against a number of currencies, including the Euro, Australian Dollar and Japanese Yen - getting value is becoming increasingly important.

However, the spreads - the difference between the sell rate and the buy rate - can be as much as 20%.

Ben Carter reports and the programme hears from Bob Atkinson, travel expert at

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