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Have Your Say: Card charges

variety of bank cards
Have you paid extra card fees?

Which? is asking the Office of Fair Trading to investigate the hidden surcharges on payments by credit or debit card.

Some businesses charge an additional 5% when people choose to pay by a debit or credit card.

Have you been unhappy to pay extra fees?

Do you feel the charges were transparent?

Should business be allowed to charge more to accept card payments?

Are you a retailer? What are the true costs?


I made a purchase at my local Costcutter Store. I was told that if I used my Debit Card I would be charged 25p. As my purchase was only £3.00 I chose to pay by cash. I no longer use the store.

Lynne, Salford

Each time we book with Ryanair, £5 per person per flight suddenly appears at the very end of the booking process. For a couple, this adds £20 to the cost of a return flight. This is extortion in everything but name and I cannot understand how this can be legal.

Noel, Derry

Concert bookings - have paid £4.95 'admin' charge per ticket in the past - which is outrageous.

Karen, Norwich

If you book a flight with British Airways and your billing address is in the UK you pay a credit card handling charge. If your billing address is in mainland Europe you pay nothing. I would have thought that this must breach some EU law.

Graham, Edinburgh

There should be total transparency in prices. So either declare up front the add on costs or include them in the total price. Ryanair are experts in boning headline costs and slapping you with loads of add-ons which usually form part of a competitors price.

Barry, Didcot

The only way the the likes of Ryanair are going to stop cheating customers by secret end loading charges, ( ie, credit card charge, hold baggage charge,) is to make it a criminal offence to not be up front with all costs when stipulating prices - (that does not mean info buried in a vast small print document either!) Otherwise they will keep finding new ways to put it quite simply rip us off!

Ondre, Sandbach

I just wonder how Michael O'Leary would feel if he was buying four bottles of wine from his local Sainsbury and he was charged an extra £40 at the checkout.

It is total nonsense for online services to argue that these are administrative charges. Every business has to take its overheads into consideration when pricing its goods and nowhere else would this kind of checkout mugging be acceptable.

I would also like to see shipping fees visible before having to register on sites to buy goods. I very often leave stuff in online baskets because the shipping fees are extortionate. I only wish that somebody actually had the inconvenience of physically putting the stuff back on the shelf.

Alf, Dunkeld


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