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Irish economic woes continue

A shop in Ireland
BBC Radio 4's Money Box
Saturday, 20 November 2010 at 1204 GMT on Radio 4 and Online

Ireland's continuing financial woes mean that the government may be forced to accept an EU bailout that could total 70bn euros.

Money Box examines the source of the country's problems, the likelihood of a recovery and what the situation means for those of you with money in Irish banks.

Paul Lewis speaks to economist and author Michael O'Sullivan and banking analyst Ralph Silva from SRN.

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Insurance concerns for Cornish flood victims

Hundreds of homes in Cornwall are on flood alert again with predictions of further heavy rain over the weekend.

Cornwall County Council estimates that around 230 homes and 400 businesses have already been damaged. It's not yet known what the clean-up operation will cost. But there are fears that those affected will face insurance premium hikes when policies come up for renewal.

This comes amid ongoing talks between the insurance industry and the government over how the increasing costs for flood damage will be paid for.

An agreement between the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the government to ensure that people in flood prone areas can still afford insurance comes to an end in 2013.

The ABI has said this will not be renewed unless the government spends more money on flood defences. So could homeowners in flood prone areas be refused insurance after 2013?

Floods minister Richard Benyon, Nick Starling of the ABI, and Mary Dhonau from the National Flood Forum debate the issues.

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Card Protection Plan update

Money Box received scores of emails after last week's item on bank customers being sold ID theft insurance when they phone up to activate their credit or debit cards.

The product is sold by Card Protection Plan (CPP) which has been contracted to activate or record delivery of cards by many banks including Barclaycard, Natwest/RBS and Santander.

Faced with detailed allegations, CPP admitted to Money Box this week that some of its staff may have wrongly told customers that their bank will not cover them if they are the victim of fraud.

However it said the vast majority of customers were satisfied with the product and the way it was sold to them.

Bob Howard's been following up on this story.

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