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Have your say: Comparison websites

The Moneyextra website
The sites are used by millions of consumers eager to find good deals

Millions of people use price comparison websites every month to get quotes or compare deals for financial products.

But there have been growing concerns about transparency and clarity and calls for greater regulation of this rapidly growing business.

The Comparison Consortium is now urging websites to join its voluntary code of practice and conform to a common complaints procedure.

Do you trust comparison websites to give you impartial information?

Have you ever used one and then later found you could have got a better deal elsewhere?

Do you think commercial considerations make them biased?

We asked for your comments, a selection of which are below. This debate is now closed.


Comparison websites will not like this, but I scan them and note which company which is giving the best deal for whatever policy/product I'm looking for. I do NOT follow a link to the company. Instead I 'google' the company and go directly to their website. I always get a better deal than I would by following the comparison site's link. (I hope they don't see this and bar me!)
Geoff, Leyland

Great, use all of them, its worth it moneysavingexpert saved me £217.00 on my car insurance
Mike, Derby

I now never use them, as the lengthy information required is slow to input and when contacting the company of choice I find the figures usually are vastly different to those provided on the comparison websites.
Margaret Coultrep, Milton Keynes

I have recently had a happy experience with two comparison sites. I have had a dual fuel deal for two years and thought it was time to check for anything better. I found on two sites that I already have a good deal and that they could not offer me anything better. They did not attempt to make money out of me.
John Trott, Telford

I've never actually managed to get the price quoted by the comparison site as when I click through to the provider I have always found it be to more. I tried this several days ago - the cheapest price for my house insurance was shown as £373 but the provider quoted me £500 when I clicked through. In the end I paid £404 by going direct.
Stuart Whitman, Gateshead

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