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Alvin Hall: Commodities

Sign in shop window stating "Yes! We buy gold"
Saturday 19 July at 1204 BST
Monday 21 July at 1502 BST
On BBC Radio 4 and online

Where do investors put money during the time of a credit crunch - commodities, wine, art, films or exclusive property?

In this new series, which broadcasts this summer while BBC Radio 4's Money Box programme takes a break, financial guru Alvin Hall takes you into his World of Money.

He uncovers the places where investments seem to be untouched or are even benefiting as a result of the credit crisis.

With many news headlines being dominated by the rising cost of food and oil, the first programme looks at how instead of feeling the pinch, investors may be able to profit from investing in raw materials, or commodities.

Alvin visits the wheat fields of England, a gold bullion house and the New York Stock Exchange as he talks to the experts about the upsides and the risks in this fast-developing area of investment.

Alvin Hall's World of Money: Commodities was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday 19 July at 1204 BST.

A longer version of the programme was broadcast on Monday 21 July at 1502 BST.

Presenter: Alvin Hall
Producer: Samantha Washington

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