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Have Your Say: Couples' financial secrets
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How far would you go to get the truth out of your partner?

If you are in a relationship do you keep some aspects of your finances hidden from your partner?

Apparently, a lot of us do, Engage Mutual Assurance warned this week.

According to their recent report, more than one in five Britons living with, or married to their partner, keeps a financial secret, with debts and credit card bills topping the list.

Do you argue with your partner about money?

Why is money such a tricky issue for couples to discuss?

Do you tell your partner about all your financial affairs?

Or do you have financial secrets?

This debate is now closed

As a still legally separated wife since 1988, advice from me even if you think you are happily married - always have you own separate bank account and have some money in it. If you work for your husband make sure that you actually have the salary paid into that account. Realise that even if you share a joint account and can sign cheques independently, if the account is seriously overdrawn when he leaves, you are both liable for the debt in full, even if you yourself have no source of income and three young children. If you bring money or property to the marriage, make sure you keep written proof. Make sure you have at least a full state pension. Be aware that your spouse can go out of UK legal jurisdiction to other countries if you separate. Marriage does confer some legal benefits still. Thankfully my ex did support his children financially, at least for 16 years, but not me - which has left me quite a poor pensioner really - I still have to work. So check the separation agreement carefully at the outset.
Chris, Richmond on Thames.

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