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Have Your Say: Age discrimination
Older workers

Retirement group Heyday is making a legal challenge to the government's new age discrimination measures which begin in October.

The new legislation allows people to request to work beyond 65 but employers do not have to give a reason for refusal. But Heyday says this contravenes European equal rights law.

We asked for your comments, a selection of which are below. This debate is now closed.

The real discrimination is that older workers are getting more pay than young workers doing the same job.
Keith, Edinburgh

I would like to make a slightly indirect point about age discrimination legislation. It wastes the time and money of employers and job seekers.

If a company advertises a job vacancy they are forbidden to put references to age or sex.

Typically a job seeker sees the ad, calls, and is sent an information pack and application form. You spend several hours filling in the form, add a cover letter and post back, and you hear nothing!

The company actually wants a 25-year-old woman but they cannot say this so when the applications are returned they bin any that do not fit.

It would be better and more honest for all concerned if companies could put an indication in their adverts of their ideal candidate.
C Stewart

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High Court challenge to age laws
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