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Last Updated: Saturday, 19 February, 2005, 08:32 GMT
Eurolife bond investors face loss
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Buying secured bond ISAs was not the safe investment it seemed
BBC Radio 4's Money Box was broadcast on Saturday, 19 February 2005, at 1204 GMT.

The programme was repeated on Sunday, 20 February, 2005, at 2102 GMT.

More than 2000 people may have lost over 17 million after the company they invested with has failed to repay them the money they are owed.

Eurolife was due to pay out on its secured bond ISA last month but as some investors have told Money Box, they have paid nothing.

The company is now asking them to vote on a restructuring plan with the hope of paying some of this money back.

Money Box talked to Lindsay Thomas of the Financial Services Authority and Patrick Connolly, an independent financial advisor with John Scott & Partners, about the deal and asked David Cresswell of the Financial Ombudsman Service who could claim compensation.

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Euro transfers

Many of us are accustomed to using our credit cards to make payments abroad.

But, when it comes to making a bank transfer to a country on the continent in Euro, UK banks are charging customers up to ten times more than other countries for the privilege.

And not being part of the Euro is little excuse.

Samantha Washington investigated.

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Policy holders moved back into state second pension

Fifty thousand people who are paying into a pension with Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA) are automatically being put back in to the state second pension unless they choose to opt out.

Royal & Sun Alliance argue that this will leave policy holders better off.

We spoke to Clive Cowdery, Chief Executive of Resolution Life, the company which now owns RSA about this move.

And we asked Tom McPhail, head of pensions research at financial advisors Hargreaves Lansdown, about how to decide if contracting back in is the right decision for you.

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Presenter: Paul Lewis
Producer: Jessica Dunbar
Reporter: Samantha Washington

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