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Last Updated: Friday, 5 November, 2004, 16:21 GMT
Lib Dem pension proposals
Could National Savings have a future in pensions?

BBC Radio 4's Money Box was broadcast on Saturday, 6 November, 2004 at 1204 BST.

The programme was repeated on Sunday, 7 November, at 2102 GMT.

The Liberal Democrat manifesto for the general election will contain proposals for a simple pension plan run by National Savings & Investments.

Jessica Dunbar asked if this could restore people's confidence in financial products and encourage saving for retirement.

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Centrica charity drive

Hundreds of thousands of people receiving replacement share certificates on Saturday could give a major boost to charity.

Centrica is hoping its shareholders will each donate small amounts
Along with the certificates they receive from Centrica, which owns British Gas, the shareholders will get cheques ranging from 23p to 2.15.

The money is left over because of the way replacement shares are being handed out after Centrica sold the AA.

Centrica cannot donate the money itself, so instead it is encouraging shareholders to do so, with the help of charity Sharegift.

If it works, it could mean one of the biggest ever donations to charity from shareholders, of up to 750,000.

We heard from Derek Woodward of Centrica and spoke to Claire Mackintosh, ShareGift Chief Executive.

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Loss for pre-pay phone users

Mobile phone users who pre-pay for their calls to avoid being tied to a contract risk losing money when they switch providers, Money Box has discovered.

Mobile phone user
Users may not realise their credit may not be refundable
Up to 40m mobiles are used in this way, with people buying credit in advance by transferring cash to their phone accounts or topping up at cash machines.

Money Box heard from one angry listener whose provider has now confirmed it will not refund credit which customers have bought but not used.

Jennifer Clarke has been investigating.

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Will Aid 2004 begins

In November thousands of lawyers across the UK are offering to draw up a will in return for a small donation to charity.

Scroll of paper, pen and pad
Some figures suggest that less than 50% of us have an up-to-date will
Will Aid was founded in 1988 and every other year since it has run this campaign in collaboration with nine leading charities.

The 2002 campaign raised nearly 500,000 in direct donations and 3 million in legacy pledges.

The suggested donation this year is 65, and the hotline number to find your local participating solicitor is 0870 606 0239.

We spoke to the man who founded Will Aid, Graeme Pagan, and also to Claire Bickerdike from Save the Children, one of the charities that stands to benefit.

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Revenue wipes records by mistake

The Revenue has accidentally wiped the PAYE records of hundreds of thousands of tax payers, it has emerged.

A year ago the Revenue discovered it had been wiping computer records of some people who may have been eligible for a tax refund - or who may have paid too little tax - before final checks were made.

The people affected left employment completely during the tax year in 2002/03 or earlier. Anyone who may be in that position should contact their tax office, and no-one will be asked to pay more tax as a result.

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Producer: Jennifer Clarke
Presenter: Paul Lewis
Reporter: Jessica Dunbar
Web Producer: Nathalie Knowles

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