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When are the programmes on?

BBC Radio 4's Money Box is broadcast on Saturdays at 12:04 GMT/BST and is repeated on Sundays at 21:02 GMT/BST.

Our phone-in programme, Money Box Live, is broadcast on Wednesdays at 15:02 GMT/ BST on BBC Radio 4.

You can also listen to Money Box via the BBC Radio 4 website. or via the free Money Box download.

How do I contact the programme team?

If you have a story idea, a question or a comment about our coverage, you can call, e-mail or write to the programme.

Where can I find programme transcripts?

We provide transcripts of all our programmes on our website, normally a few days after transmission.

The transcript is available on each programme page. All programme pages are archived.

Our transcripts are published as PDF files.

Most computers will open PDF documents automatically, but if not, you may need to download Adobe Reader.

There is a free online tool on the Adobe website which will convert PDF files into HTML or text files.

If you still cannot access the transcript, please contact Money Box and we will supply the transcript in another more suitable format.

Can I listen to the programme on this site?

You can listen to the latest edition of Money Box, as well as previous programmes, via the BBC Radio 4 website.

You can also listen via the free Money Box download.

Why has my Have Your Say comment not been published?

We cannot publish all comments that we receive because of the high volume. However, we aim to publish a good cross-section of the views we receive.

Why has my comment been edited?

The BBC is responsible for all the comments published on the site. Therefore, we have to remove any libellous or potentially libellous statements from messages. We also aim to publish as many comments as possible, and will sometimes shorten statements to make it easier for users to read as many different views as possible.

Can you send me information on a particular programme or subject?

If you need further information on a programme please check the website before contacting us, as you can find extensive information and contacts for many subjects there.

Can you tell me about job opportunities /work experience?

All jobs are advertised on the BBC website, where you can also find out about how to apply for work experience, and there are details of BBC trainee schemes.

How do I obtain information on forthcoming programmes?

We publish information in advance of broadcast on the Money Box website. However, details are subject to change.

You can also subscribe to the free Money Box newsletter which is sent twice a week with details of both programmes.

And you can now find out about updates to the Money Box website without having to check it all the time by subscribing to a free RSS feed.

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