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Moneybox Friday, 25 October, 2002, 15:53 GMT 16:53 UK
Household contents insurance cover
Electrical goods
We surveyed a number of companies
Money Box asked six of the main providers what cover their standard household contents policies provide for electrical goods.

The following is a general summary of cover. Please contact providers for full details.


A standard household policy provides cover for loss or damage arising from causes such as storm, flood, theft and subsidence.

A homeowner can purchase additional cover for accidental loss and damage resulting from incidents such as putting a foot through the loft floor, dropping a vase or spilling paint on the carpet.

Accidental damage cover is provided within standard cover for home entertainment equipment.

If accidental damage cover is required for all types of electrical items then an additional premium must be paid.

A household insurance policy will not provide cover for mechanical or electrical breakdown of electrical items under either standard or accidental damage cover unless it has a warranty section.


The following equipment would be covered for accidental damage cover under Churchill's standard home contents policy - TVs, video and audio equipment, computer and television games equipment in your home.

There is a single article limit of 1500. (The total limits are not really relevant for accidental damage).

Accidental Damage cover can also be purchased as an add-on to home contents polices for such situations as spilling red wine /paint etc on the carpet or for cigarette burns in the sofa.

You can add this cover to your policy for an additional premium.


Electrical items are usually grouped in two main categories:

  • Home entertainment equipment such as computers, TV, video, stereo equipment and games consoles.

  • Domestic appliances such as washing machines, fridge freezers, freestanding cookers and dishwashers.

  • Some home contents policies also include cover for business equipment such as computers, fax machines, telephone equipment and phones used to work from home.

    Cornhill offer 3 cover options:

    New for old: Home entertainment equipment is automatically covered for accidental damage under the standard "new for old" cover, but business equipment and domestic appliances only have standard cover for events such as theft, fire and flood.

    Accidental damage can be added for these electrical items at an additional cost.

    Accidental Damage: Cover as new for old but also includes accidental damage caused by policyholder and family.

    This can be added for an additional premium and would include damage such as spilling coffee on a PC or knocking over the TV.

    Away from the home cover: Most policies provide some limited cover but for an additional premium full accidental damage away from the home can be provided for personal items such as laptops, mobile phones and personal stereos.

    Direct Line

    Direct Line's home contents policies automatically include accidental damage cover for televisions, videos, music systems and home computer equipment as standard.

    Cover can be extended to embrace wider accidental damage - for example to protect against paint being spilled on furniture - as an optional extra.

    Norwich Union

    Standard household contents insurance covers 'Standard Perils' such as fire, theft, water, flood, storm damage.

    Extended accidental damage cover is available for an additional premium for example if a television is dropped or if paint is spilled on the carpet.

    Royal & Sun Alliance

    Under accidental damage on a standard policy you would be covered for all your electrical equipment inc. TVs, audio, video, satellite, DVD players, etc.

    The premium accidental damage add on would include all domestic items inc. fridge, washing machine, dishwasher, cooker, as well as sofas, curtains, carpets.

    With both of these no matter what happened you would be covered. However, AD only covers accidents NOT breakdown.

    For example, AD does not cover you if your machine packs up for a technical reason or wear and tear.

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