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Last Updated: Monday, 5 June 2006, 18:40 GMT 19:40 UK
World Cup - Crown Prosecution Squad
The FIFA World Cup trophy
BBC Radio 4's Law in Action was broadcast on Tuesday, 6 June, 2006 at 1600 BST.

The Crown Prosecution Service has announced its World Cup team of prosecutors. Their task is to collect evidence to ensure any English fans who cause trouble in Germany next month will receive Football Banning Orders when they return home.

Five Chief Crown Prosecutors will take it in turns at each of the venues to head up a team of four prosecutors who will be in Germany for as long as the England team are - up to a month if England reaches the final.

The CPS lead on football issues, Nick Hawkins, said: "The CPS is determined to ensure anyone who acts to damage the excellent reputation of England fans or to spoil the enjoyment for everyone will be banned from football. We will be working closely with the German police, as we already do with English and Welsh police, to ensure that those who do commit offences in Germany will face the full force of the law back here in England and Wales."

The CPS has four prosecutors in Germany for the duration of England's involvement in the tournament. One member of the CPS team, Charles Kuhn, is a lawyer who speaks German and has practised in both England and Germany. He talks about his role.

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