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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 January, 2004, 16:15 GMT
Legal quiz
Think your legal knowledge could rival Perry Mason? Try our quiz and find out.

How much in damages did Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas eventually win in the 'Hello' case?
A: 4,600
B: 14,600
C: 40,600
D: 400,600
What legal change was Lord Justice Judge talking about when he said that "nasty people" like Hitler could come to power and subvert the constitution?
A: The reform of the judicial appointments system
B: The setting up of a Supreme Court
C: The abolition of the post of Lord Chancellor
D: The reform of the House of Lords
Who is Lord Goldsmith?
A: The Lord Chief Justice
B: The Lord Chancellor
C: The Master of the Rolls
D: The Attorney General
Seventy five years ago something decomposing in a ginger beer bottle started the law of liability for negligence in the UK. But what was decomposing?
A: A maggot
B: A snail
C: A mouse
D: A cockroach
Who is the first woman to be appointed to the House of Lords in a judicial capacity?
A: Dame Elizabeth Butler Sloss
B: Helena Kennedy, QC
C: Cherie Booth, QC
D: Dame Brenda Hale
What does someone mean when they say something can't be commented on because it's "sub judice"?
A: It's secret information
B: It's from another jurisdiction
C: It's still before the court
D: It's about a judge
What is the correct definition for a civil wrong, for which the aggrieved party can sue?
A: Contract
B: Tort
C: Equity
D: Trusts
What does the legal maxim "caveat emptor" mean?
A: Let the buyer beware
B: Possession is 9/10ths of the law
C: Finders keepers
D: Innocent until proven guilty
Who were the last two people to be executed in the UK, at 8am on the same day in 1964?
A: Derek Bentley and Ruth Ellis
B: Peter Allen and David Chapman
C: Ruth Ellis and John Walby
D: John Walby and Peter Allen
Which of these MPs is not a barrister?
A: Michael Howard
B: Tony Blair
C: Harriet Harman
D: Bob Marshall-Andrews

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