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Last Updated: Monday, 27 October 2003, 09:45 GMT
What Happened Next?
Paul Kenyon
Paul Kenyon updates you on some of his previous investigations

Kenyon Confronts was broadcast on Wednesday, 29 October, 2003 at 1930 GMT on BBC One.

Paul Kenyon revisits undercover investigations that made the headlines to bring you up to date with what happened next.

In January 2003, Paul Kenyon managed to "steal" Home Secretary David Blunkett's identity, showing just how easy it was to "become" someone else.

He now looks at how the government wants to use new technology to make the system fraud proof and puts possible new security measures to the test.

Also, following investigations by Kenyon Confronts and Panorama into horse-racing, Kenyon returns to the racecourse to gauge the current state of play in the industry.

In January 2003, the programme confronted British criminals who fled from justice in the UK to the fugitives' paradise of Northern Cyprus.

Paul Kenyon reports on the deadly consequences of being on the run and the problems of bringing offenders home.

Kenyon also revisits his investigation of bogus charities, and asks if there has been any improvement on the London Underground after the programme caught a maintenance gang sleeping on the job in January 2003.

Producer: Esther McWatters
Researcher: Kirsten Hills
Series producer: Sam Anstiss
Executive producer: Paul Woolwich

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