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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 September, 2003, 10:13 GMT 11:13 UK
Critical Condition?
Paul Kenyon with Holby City actress
Holby City actors helped illustrate the problems that were uncovered

Kenyon Confronts was broadcast on Wednesday, 8 October, 2003 at 1930 BST on BBC One.

In a unique collaboration between Holby City and Kenyon Confronts, the BBC investigates the biggest hospital building programme in the history of the NHS.

The Holby City scenes, specially written for Kenyon Confronts, encapsulate the range of evidence gathered by the Kenyon team during four months looking at over half the PFI hospitals in the UK.

It depicts Art Malik as consultant anaesthetist struggling to save a patient's life when they are trapped in a lift during a power cut, and the fight to save the patient when there are no beds available.

Many more hospitals are in the pipeline, being jointly built in partnership with private business.

Lives at risk?

Kenyon Confronts reveals how lack of planning, combined with poor maintenance and facilities, are leaving patients exposed to health risks.

Undercover filming shows how patient care suffers because of various factors including a critical lack of beds, poor hygiene, and poorly designed hospitals.

Secret filming also shows clinical waste, opened and untagged, left in hospital corridors, potentially leaving patients exposed to bacteria such as E-coli.

The Department of Health says genuine problems have arisen at new hospitals but claims it is mostly due to "teething problems".

But Kenyon Confronts - Critical Condition? shows how medical staff believe the current system is leaving patients at risk.

Senior Producer: Sam Anstiss
Producer: Rachel Morgan
Assistant Producer: Chris Brown

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