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Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 September, 2003, 11:40 GMT 12:40 UK
About Kenyon Confronts

Paul Kenyon
Kenyon Confronts

Paul Kenyon takes you behind the scenes of Kenyon Confronts and explains more about the programme.

Kenyon Confronts is an investigative programme which uses secret filming, surveillance and more traditional methods of enquiry to examine institutions and governmental bodies - people who control the way we live, and make them accountable to viewers.

Notable successes

We have now had four series of programmes and we have had some notable successes. Our exposure of corruption in horse racing led to a Jockey Club inquiry and to changes in the way the sport is run.

Kenyon Confronts exposed loopholes in paedophile legislation
Kenyon Confronts exposed loopholes in paedophile legislation
We alerted the government to loopholes in its paedophile legislation, and helped inform its views on identity cards. We also exposed serious problems with the maintenance of the London Underground just three days before a derailment closed part of the network for three months.

It is true to say that the nature of our targets has changed and evolved. In some of our earlier programmes, we exposed individuals - immigration cheats, charity fraudsters - but recently we have become more interested in those who hold positions of authority.

Secret filming

We believe that the methods we use must be in proportion to the story we are uncovering. Secret filming is a powerful tool, and should be used sparingly as over-use of it on smaller targets threatens to devalue the whole genre.

Our intention is to bring complicated but important issues to a wider public. We want to make BBC Current Affairs more accessible and more popular. The facts and the journalism are the same, the way we present it is not.


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