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Last Updated: Thursday, 25 September 2003, 09:40 GMT 10:40 UK
Shopping for Terror
People wearing protective suits
How prepared are we really for a chemical weapons attack?

Kenyon Confronts: Shopping for Terror was broadcast on Wednesday, 1 October at 19:30 GMT on BBC One.

In the first of a new six-part series, Kenyon Confronts returns with an investigation into security flaws which could allow determined terrorists to strike in the UK.

With the government, security services and police warning of a potential attack, Paul Kenyon exposes security weaknesses which could enable a dedicated terrorist to obtain the necessary chemicals to build chemical weapons or a "dirty bomb" in the UK.

A would-be terrorist would need a radioactive source and explosives. Using secret filming, Kenyon goes undercover to show how radioactive materials in the UK are vulnerable to theft and hijack.

The programme also shows how Kenyon can buy the equipment and the ingredients for three chemical weapons over the counter for cash. And he demonstrates just how easy it could be to build these weapons of fear and mass disruption.

Kenyon Confronts: Shopping for Terror also examines the government's reluctance to prepare the public for such attacks for fear of creating panic.

Paul Kenyon hears from the emergency services on why they think the public has a right to know how it can prepare for potential terrorist threats.

Presenter: Paul Kenyon
Producer: Mike Radford
Assistant Producer: Darius Bazargan
Researcher: Anna Blackburn
Series Producer: Samantha Anstiss

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