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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 November, 2001, 13:10 GMT
Story follow-ups
During each programme Paul Kenyon exposes different scams and confronts the ringleaders. Here's what happened following previous Kenyon Confronts undercover investigations:

Horses for courses?
Footage was handed over to the Jockey Club
Footage was handed over to the Jockey Club

Following our investigation into the racing world broadcast in June 2002, Trainer David Wintle was fined 7,200 by the Jockey Club after it found him guilty of behaving in a way that was prejudicial to the integrity of the sport.

The two other trainers featured on the programme - Ferdy Murphy and Jamie Osborne - were each fined 4,000 last year for acting in a manner prejudicial to the good reputation of horseracing.


Bogus marriages
Wedding rings
Kenyon investigated bogus marriages

The law society has launched an investigation into the immigration advisor who helped the programme team arrange a bogus marriage. The Home Office is continuing to investigate other people featured in the programme.


Contrived accidents
Scrapped cars
Some car crashes are not what they seem

Following our examination of contrived accident fraud, where people stage car crashes for fake insurance claims, the police have arrested one man and are continuing their investigations into these scams.

Gone to the dogs
Trainers have been disqualified

After exposing corruption in greyhound racing, the trainers we exposed have been disqualified from racing. But Paul Kenyon and the programme director were called to a hearing of the greyhound governing body, and faced a 3000 fine despite highlighting the need for a clean up.

The R.I.P. off
Kyriakos Boukouvalas
Kyriakos Boukouvalas was found to have a disturbing past

Following our investigation into fraudsters faking their deaths for life insurance money, we discovered Kyriakos Boukouvalas has been living under false identities for over two decades. He killed his own girlfriend and her mother in Egypt 24 years ago, fled the country and was sentenced to death in his absence.


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