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Doorstep moments
Kenyon is attacked
Kenyon was physically attacked during one doorstep
Paul Kenyon exposes various scams and confronts those caught red-handed on camera.

Watch some classic Kenyon Confronts moments.

Fugitives' Paradise
Kenyon with underwater camera
An underwater camera was improvised on location

Paul Kenyon goes on the trail of a big-time drugs dealer, a criminal who swapped his cell for a millionaire's yacht and a multi-million pound fraudster. Watch Kenyon confront the expat who offered him smuggling and money laundering scams.

  Kenyon Confronts - 15 January 2003

ID Snatchers
Kenyon and DVLA stamp
What does it take to steal an identity?

Just how easy is it to steal someone's identity? Paul Kenyon obtains birth certificates, driving licences and credit cards to replicate the identity of a famous author and a cabinet minister. And in Blackpool he confronts one serial fraudster who has stolen at least 100 identities to apply for credit.

  Kenyon Confronts - 8 January 2003

The Gravy Train
London Underground tube train
Are subcontractors taking tube maintenance seriously?

The Kenyon team go undercover on London Underground, exposing institutionalised work avoidance and malpractice by subcontractors doing maintenance. Kenyon confronts John, the foreman, and asks him how it feels to run the most inefficient, workshy gang on the Underground.

  Kenyon Confronts - 22 January 2003

Horses for courses
How many races are genuine?

Posing as a wealthy gambler, Kenyon films big name trainers offering to cheat races, and then buys a horse to watch the process at first hand. After the Jockey Club warned all trainers to look out for him, there was no other option but to confront a major player.

  Kenyon Confronts - 11 June 2002

Con quacks
Paul Kenyon
Kenyon investigates alternative therapy fraudsters

The Kenyon team expose alternative therapy fraudsters who con the sick and dying out of their money. Watch Kenyon confront one man who has set himself up in his own healing clinic - only to use to it sell steroids, even offering the drug to Kenyon himself.

  Kenyon Confronts - 18 June 2002

Gone to the dogs
Greyhound racing turns sinister

The dark side of greyhound racing is exposed as a world of race fixing and dog doping. In a late night raid the Kenyon team dig up an Oxfordshire trainer's land and find a mass grave hiding the carcass of one dead greyhound and the bones of others. Watch Kenyon confront the trainer.

  Kenyon Confronts - 6 December 2001

The R.I.P. off
Paul Kenyon lying in a coffin
Paul Kenyon fakes his own funeral

Kenyon exposes the fraudsters who fake their own deaths for life insurance money. To prove how easy it is, Kenyon becomes a mourner at his own funeral. And he investigates the Greek restaurant owner from St Albans who faked his death in a 1m fraud. Watch Kenyon confront him.

  Kenyon Confronts - 29 November 2001

Bogus Marriages
Prayer books and rings
Prayer books and rings

The UK Home Office suspects around 10,000 bogus wedding ceremonies take place in London each year, as people try to avoid British immigration controls. Watch Paul Kenyon halt a bogus ceremony and expose those profiting from the scam.

  Kenyon Confronts - 26 February 2001

Costa del Con
On the builder's trail
On the builder's trail

Paul Kenyon exposes the conmen ripping-off British people seeking to build a dream home in sunny Spain. Watch Paul Kenyon track down a builder accused of disappearing with thousands of pounds after failing to carry out any work.

  Kenyon Confronts - 19 March 2001

Contrived Accidents
Wrecked cars
Wrecked cars

It is estimated that insurance companies pay-out millions of pounds each year for staged car accidents and non-existent injuries sustained by phantom passengers. Here Paul Kenyon confronts a fraudster cashing in on phoney claims.

  Kenyon Confronts - 12 March 2001


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