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Last Updated: Friday, 10 August 2007, 11:16 GMT 12:16 UK
Trade Secrets
Listener Sandy Clarke
Listener Sandy Clarke considers whether to invest in shares
Saturday, 11 August, 1204 BST
On Radio 4 and online

In the fourth programme of the series, Inside Money considers whether now is a good time to consider investing in shares.

There have been heavy falls across the world's stock markets in the last few days.

The European Central Bank and Bank of Japan have both injected substantial amounts of money into the markets in an effort to bolster stability.

The losses were sparked by concerns that the debt markets, which for the past two years have been bankrolling large corporate deals may be about to dry up.

There are also fears about the continuing impact of financial institutions' exposure to bad credit in the US sub-prime mortgage market.

The falls appear to signal an end to a stockmarket boom which started in March 2003.

By July 2007, the FTSE 100 index of shares had risen by over 3000 points, an increase of 95 per cent. 2006 saw a particularly strong year for shares.

The impressive performance of shares over the past four years had strengthened the widely held view that over the long term shares out perform other asset classes - like cash.

Is the stock market still the best bet to get the maximum return on an investment - or should would-be investors shy away from shares?

Radio 4 listener Sandy Clarke is an occupational therapist from London.

Anthony Bolton
Mr Bolton launched Fidelity's Special Situations fund in 1979

She has a lump sum and is thinking about investing some of it in shares.

She joins Inside Money to find out more about the potential rewards and risks of investing.

She also gets the chance to meet one of UK's best known investment fund managers, Anthony Bolton of Fidelity Investments - whose own fund has achieved an annual growth rate of around 20 per cent - far in excess of that of the market in general.

He provides a unique insight into the prospects for the stock market over the next few years.

Inside Money: Trade secrets was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Saturday 11 August at 12.04 BST.

A longer version of the programme was broadcast on Monday 13 August at 15.02 BST.

Presenter: Lesley Curwen
Listener: Sandy Clarke
Producer: Martin Bedford

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