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If... Women Ruled The World
In 2020 women are outperforming men academically, socially, technologically and even biologically, but what would a world run by women really be like?

Professor Steve Jones, a geneticist at University College London claims: "I'm fairly confident that in the west, the 21st century will be the century of women."

It is 2020 and girls are outperforming boys at every step of the educational ladder.

There are three women graduating university for every two men.

Under-qualified, men are struggling to make it in the feminised workplace where traditional hierarchies, rigid working structures and hours are a thing of the past.

Fathers Fight Back

IF explores the role of women in a changing world.

Results from BBC Interactive users poll
We asked BBC Interactive users what they thought of the issue
As traditional, male-dominated industries disappear, will women be better equipped to succeed in the workplace of the future?

Innovations in medical science have also overcome the last obstacle to women reaching the top of their professions; childbirth.

In 2020 we meet Charlie, a 17-year-old post-feminist, who introduces us to her dysfunctional, 21st century family.

There's Alice, her have-it-all mum, high-achieving sister Sarah, struggling brother Matt, and Phil, her estranged dad and a leading member of Fathers Fight Back.

One could have a scenario where men are surplus to requirements
Dr Susan Greenfield, leading brain researcher
At 52, Alice is planning to have a baby, alone.

But would our world be a better, more peaceful place if it was run by women?

In our film, the first female president of the United States is about to visit Britain as part of her mission to end the war on terror through dialogue, and Phil has a plan...

If...women ruled the world was broadcast on BBC Two on Wednesday, 31 March, 2004.

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