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Former army Captain says British troops 'under-resourced'


How best to fight a seemingly unwinnable war?

That is the question that hangs over the US led Nato commitment in Afghanistan. It has prompted prolonged debate and disagreement within the Obama administration; it has also preoccupied western soldiers deployed to the Afghan frontline.

Patrick Bury was sent to Sangin, the deadliest pocket of Helmand province, as a young officer with the Royal Irish Regiment. Stephen Sackur asks him now that he has left Afghanistan and the army, what lessons did he learn?

You can watch the full interview on Thursday 30th September on BBC World News at 0330, 0830, 1530, and 2030 GMT and in the UK on Friday 1st October on the BBC News Channel at 0230, 0430 and 2330 BST.

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