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Giorgi Baramidze

Deputy Prime Minister of Georgia
Giorgi Baramidze
In a HARDtalk interview first shown on 25th April 2008, Stephen Sackur talks to Giorgi Baramidze, Deputy Prime Minister of Georgia.

Georgia and Russia have been hurling accusations at each other for the past week.

A Georgian military drone was shot down. Tbilisi says the Russians did it. Moscow claims the Georgians are war mongering for political advantage.

Giorgi Baramidze is Georgia's deputy prime minister.

Could the tensions in the Caucuses spark an armed confrontation?

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Georgian Deputy Prime Minister Giorgi Baramidze talks about the shooting down of a Georgian drone over Abkhazia.

Giorgi Baramidze tells Stephen Sackur that Georgia considers Russia's recognition of Abkhazian institutions as tantamount to annexation.

Georgian Deputy Prime Minister calls on the international community to back them against Russia.

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