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HardTalk in China: Tang Jun

Tang Jun
Tang Jun

In a HardTalk interview first broadcast on Tuesday 25 March, Stephen Sackur talks to Tang Jun, president of online gaming company Shanda Entertainment.

This month, China is expected to become the most wired nation on Earth, with six million new internet users every month.

But China's government seeks to exert a firm hand over what its citizens can access, with "The Great Firewall of China" restricting access to news and blogging websites and limiting internet search engines.

Tang Jun is the President of Shanda Entertainment, an online gaming company that's listed on the Nasdaq exchange.

He's also the former head of Microsoft's China operation.

Is the internet changing China - or is China changing the internet?

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Stephen Sackur talks to Tang Jun, President of Shanda Entertainment about the potential for the internet in China.

Stephen Sackur talks to Tang Jun about 'The Great Firewall of China."

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