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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 March 2008, 12:21 GMT
Eli Moyal
mayor eli moyal
Eli Moyal, Mayor of Sderot, Israel

In a HardTalk interview first broadcast on Thursday 13 March, Sarah Montague talks to the Mayor of the Israeli town Sderot which has been hardest hit from the rocket attacks out of Gaza.

Nine hundred rockets have been fired at the Israeli city of Sderot so far this year.

The town reckons seven thousand have fallen there in the past seven years.

Sderot is just one kilometre from Gaza and is the main target of Palestinian fury.

But those rocket attacks are the reason Israel has given for its continued attacks on Gaza.

Eli Moyal is the Mayor of Sderot.

Can a solution for his troubled city and those in Gaza ever be found?

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