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Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 February 2008, 10:49 GMT
Fredrik Reinfeldt
Fredrik Reinfeldt and Gordon Brown
Fredrik Reinfeldt meets British Prime Minister Gordon Brown

In a HARDtalk interview first broadcast on 27 February 2008, Stephen Sackur talks to Fredrik Reinfeldt, Prime Minister of Sweden.

Sweden was once described as the most successful society in the world: a prosperous, cohesive combination of high taxes and generous state provision.

But eighteen months ago, the Swedish model of social democracy seemed set for a makeover.

Swedes elected a right of centre Government committed to reform.

Stephen Sackur asks Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt if he has delivered the change he promised.

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Fredrik Reinfeldt tells Stephen Sackur about his party's agenda for change in Sweden

Stephen Sackur asks Fredrik Reinfeldt about his vision for Sweden in Europe

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