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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 January 2008, 13:04 GMT
Hardtalk Business: Jimmy Wales
founder of Wikipedia
Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia

In the first of Hardtalk's Business week programmes, Stephen Sackur talks to Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales.

Not so long ago if you wanted to find something out, or check a fact, you would look in a book.

Now if you have access to the internet, you might well click on a website which has become a worldwide phenomenon - Wikipedia.

Jimmy Wales is the founder of Wikipedia, a man who says his dream is to give everyone free access to the sum of all human knowledge.

Perhaps it sounds too good to be true, but then again when it comes to Wikipedia what is the truth?

Jimmy Wales hopes his new for-profit venture, Wikia, will be as popular as Wikipedia. But will it be able to turn a profit?

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