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Last Updated: Thursday, 23 August 2007, 10:32 GMT 11:32 UK
Willie Corduff
Willie Corduff
Willie Corduff

In a HardTalk interview first broadcast on 23 August 2007, Zeinab Badawi talks to Willie Corduff, the winner of the 2007 Goldman Environment Prize.

It is a classic David and Goliath story: five Irish families took on the oil giant Shell and the Irish government.

Even a spell in prison didn't make them accept plans for a new gas pipeline to be built across their farms in Rossport, county Mayo.

Were they acting out of narrow self interest or the greater good?

Zeinab Badawi talks to Willie Corduff, one of the "Rossport Five" group of farmers who led the protest -- and winner of the 2007 Goldman Environment Prize for Europe.

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