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Last Updated: Wednesday, 18 July 2007, 10:28 GMT 11:28 UK
Amre Moussa
amre moussa
Amre Moussa, Secretary General of the Arab League.

Is there any chance of reviving the Middle East Peace Plan? The Secretary General of the Arab League discusses the options.

Palestinians are divided.

Gaza and the West Bank are held by rival camps.

In Israel, the government is chronically weak.

These are hardly auspicious times for diplomacy.

Yet two Arab foreign ministers are due to visit Jerusalem in a move co-ordinated by the Arab League.

Stephen Sackur meets with Amre Moussa, Secretary General of the Arab League in London.

He asks him whether the Arabs are seriously pushing for a Middle East Peace deal. HARDtalk can be seen on BBC World at 3:30h GMT (not Asia) , 08:30h GMT 14:30h GMT 20:30h GMT 23:30h GMT (not Asia)

It can also be seen on BBC News 24 at 0430 and 2330.

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