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Hardtalk celebrates ten years on air.

As Hardtalk is celebrates its tenth anniversary, we broadcast some of the programme's interviews with world leaders and newsmakers.

These two interviews were first broadcast in 2002. By March 2002 the build up to the Iraq war had already begun. The pressure was on Iraq to prove it had no weapons of mass destruction. The pressure on America and Britain was to convince the rest of the world they did. Tim Sebastian spoke to Iraq's Foreign Minister, Dr Naji Sabri, in March, and Britain's Ambassador to the UN, Sir Jeremy Greenstock in December of that year as the international tension mounted.

In the summer of 2005 when the G8 leaders met at Gleneagles, Africa and aid were top of the agenda. In the run up to the summit Stephen Sackur went to Ethiopia, one of the poorest countries in the world, whose democratic credentials were being been questioned. He asked Prime Minister Meles Zenawi the questions Ethiopian journalists could not.

For 100 days in 1994 almost a million people were butchered in Rwanda. Five years ago Tim Sebastian talked to Lieutenant General Romeo Dallaire, the UN force commander in Rwanda, who did his best to stop the genocide and who was still struggling to come to terms with the enormity of his failure.

In February of last year the Danish cartoon debate was raging, when controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed were published and inflamed Muslim sentiments around the world. Stephen Sackur went to Copenhagen and brought together the newspaper editor who'd commissioned the cartoons and the local Imam who first opposed their publication. It was the first time they'd sat down and debated together.

In March of 1999 Tim Sebastian met Nina Simone, the black American singer, songwriter, pianist and civil rights activist.

HARDtalk can be seen on BBC World at 0430 GMT 0930 GMT 1430 GMT 1930 GMT 0030 GMT.

It can also be seen on BBC News 24 at 0430 and 2330.

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