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Islam in Britain
Examining the role of Islam in Britain

Stephen Sackur talks to the President of the Association of Muslim Schools in Britain.

Towns and cities in Britain are increasingly segregated along racial and cultural lines. Tony Blair's government says it wants to promote 'community cohesion'.

Mohamed Mukadam is a leading advocate for Muslim schools in Britain. Stephen Sackur asks him if faith schools are compatiable with a cohesive society or do they further polarise an already fragmented society.

A US Perspective

According to opinion surveys, many British Muslims feel angry, alienated and victimised.

Recent national debates about the veil, faith schools and anti-terror legislation have exposed a host of raw nerves.

Does it need to be this way?

Ahmed Rehab is a senior figure in the Council on American Islamic Relations;

Stephen Sackur asks him are there lessons to be learned from the US about integrating Muslims in western societies?

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