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Last Updated: Monday, 24 April 2006, 17:57 GMT 18:57 UK
Hardtalk in Turkey: Orhan Pamuk
Pamuk and media
Pamuk's case drew international attention.

Stephen Sackur is in Istanbul to talk to controversial Turkish author Orhan Pamuk.

Orhan Pamuk, a leading Turkish novelist, found himself in the international spotlight last year, not for his writing but for insulting the Turkish nation.

He faced criminal charges for comments he'd made to a Swiss newspaper about the Armenian genocide and the treatment of Kurds in Turkey.

It was highly embarrassing to the Turkish government as his trial date coincided with key meetings concerning Turkey's attempt to join the EU. The case was dropped.

So what does his story tell us about modern day Turkey?

Orhan Pamuk talks to Stephen Sackur.

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