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Jay McInerney
Jay McInerney captured the spirit of late 1980s New York
In a HardTalk Extra interview screened on 14th April, Patrick O'Connell spoke to American author Jay McInerney about his life and writing career.

Jay McInerney is a writer who made his name from hedonism and excess in New York.

His book Bright Lights, Big City catapulted him to fame in the late 1980s with its bleak depiction of life in Reagan's America.

"No tricks" was the advice McInerney's mentor Raymond Carver gave him
He was part of a literary "brat pack" that included Bret Easton Ellis and Tama Janowitz.

By his own admission, he lived much of the excessive lifestyle that he chronicled.

This took its toll on both his personal life and (critics argued) his writing.

After eight years of writers' block, he has produced a new work, The Good Life.

He tells Patrick O'Connell why it took the September 11th attacks on New York to revitalise his faith in the novel.

HARDtalk Extra can be seen on BBC World at 0330 GMT, 0830 GMT, 1530 GMT, 1830 GMT, 2330 GMT.

It can also be seen on BBC News 24 at 04:30 and 23:30.

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