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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 February 2006, 15:03 GMT
Controversial muslim cleric jailed

Abu Hamza
Many UK Muslims feel that Hamza has shamed their community.

Hardtalk repeats Tim Sebastian's February 2003 interview with Abu Hamza, now beginning a seven year sentence for inciting murder and race hate.

A British-based Muslim cleric, Abu Hamza, has been jailed for seven years after being convicted of inciting others to commit murder, and stirring up racial hatred.

The jury found the cleric guilty on 11 of 15 counts, which also included possessing a terrorist document and abusive recordings.

Three years ago, the Charity Commissioner in Britain banned Abu Hamza from preaching at Finsbury Mosque in North London, accusing him of extreme and political statements.

Tim Sebastian asked him in 2003 whether he was a fanatic inciting hatred and violence - or as he claimed - a man following the true path to Islam?

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