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Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 October 2005, 14:24 GMT 15:24 UK
India Week - Varun Gandhi
Varun Gandhi
Varun Gandhi

In a HARDtalk interview on 17 October, Stephen Sackur talks to Varun Gandhi.

For decades the Gandhi family have been at the centre of Indian politics.

Today Sonia Gandhi heads the Congress Party and her son Rahul is already being tipped as a potential prime ministerial candidate.

However, last year Indira Gandhi's youngest grandchild Varun entered politics but he did not join the Congress party, long associated with his family.

Instead he turned to the Hindu Nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party and is now one of their rising stars.

Stephen Sackur asks Varun Gandhi whether his decision to join the party says more about splits within his own family than about his own political beliefs.

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