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1 APRIL, 1956

Joseph Stalin
Erik De Mauny in Moscow considered the legacy of Joseph Stalin on the Russian people and the international community.

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4 NOVEMBER, 1956

Peter Flinn examined the key events following Israel's war with Egypt after President Gamal Nasser nationalised the Suez Canal.
13 JUNE, 1964

Gerald Priestland took an extraordinary and memorable journey on the funeral train of India's first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

Robert Elphick considers the implications for the Czech government and its people after an invasion by Soviet and Warsaw Pact troops.
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23 MAY, 1970

By 1970, 400,000 US soldiers were stationed in Vietnam. Anthony Lawrence discovered what life is like for the soldiers on the front line.
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31 AUGUST, 1976

After working as a foreign correspondent for 27 years, Ian McDougall assessed how the demands of the job have changed over time.
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30 APRIL, 1980

Clive Small in Washington described the moment he learnt that the US mission to rescue 53 hostages in Tehran had failed.
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3 OCTOBER, 1989

With relaxation of its neighbours' borders, Ben Bradshaw asked whether East Germany can retain its socialist roots.
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12 DECEMBER, 1996

Diana Goodman in Russia visited an institution for children who are mentally or physically disabled and have been left by their parents.
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24 MAY, 1997

Allan Little reflected on living through the highly charged final days of President Mobutu's regime, as rebel forces approached.
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