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Here are the From Our Own Correspondent stories from Europe, sorted by date, from January 2011.

24 December 2011

Dogs in the French capital enjoy the freedom of the city, accompanying their owners just about everywhere, and even have their own cemetery. Joanna Robertson reports.

10 December 2011

As opposition protests continue over parliamentary elections, the BBC's Steve Rosenberg in Moscow considers whether they reveal deeper-seated unrest in Putin's Russia.

3 December 2011 Italians' in-depth knowledge of anatomy means they may be liable to suffer from a much wider range of illnesses than their British counterparts, says Dany Mitzman.

26 November 2011

Two remarkable women were fortunate enough to survive the Holocaust. One became a famous pianist, the other fought with Tito's Partisans. Mark Lowen reports.

12 November 2011

Kevin Connolly reflects on Turkey's relationship with the European Union and its continuing desire for membership.

12 Novemebr 2011

Ed Stourton treks across "Chemin de la Liberte" to commemorate those escaping from occupied France in World War II.

5 November 2011

French designer Pierre Cardin is the last survivor of the heyday of Parisian haute couture and he still controls a worldwide business empire.

22 October 2011

The leader of France's National Front has been trying to improve the party's image, says James Coomarasamy, so can it stage an upset in the presidential elections of 2012.

8 October 2011

Hugh Schofield finds a new way of discovering the joys of one of Paris's great 19th Century cemeteries, Montparnasse.

6 October 2011

Hundreds of Italy's small TV channels may have to close due to a change in the law, including a Sicilian station that campaigns against the Mafia.

1 October 2011

Norway's Lofoten islands in the Arctic have an unexpected link with warmer climes - in Italy.

1 October 2011

Rob Cameron goes on the trail of Europe's largest mammal, the bison, as it returns from the brink of extinction.

10 September 2011

After coming across a photo of his great-grandfather, Fergal Keane wonders how he would have viewed the country's present difficulties.

30 July 2011

The man charged with killing 77 people in Norway seemed like an "ordinary" person, says a friend and former classmate.

30 July 2011

Does Iceland's economic strategy for dealing with debt provide an answer to Europe's economic woes, asks Justin Rowlatt.

30 July 2011

The designer of Kate Middleton's wedding dress may have been British, but a group of lace-makers in France are also proud of their contribution, as Christine Finn discovered.

23 July 2011

Arsonists and saboteurs are at one extreme of Berlin's counter-culture but, as Stephen Evans reports, some opt for gentler means of railing against society.

9 July 2011

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano remains the country's most popular politician, David Willey finds.

7 July 2011

Chris Bockman visits an ancient French village thought to hold "magical" powers that can save the human race from the end of the world.

7 July 2011

Life is tough for many in Armenia but the economy is buoyed up by the country's brandy, reputed to have been a favourite of Winston Churchill's.

2 July 2011

Greek protesters and police in Athens are now accustomed to the "ritual" unrest on its streets, says Justin Rowlatt.

30 June 2011

Manuela Saragosa reflects on the legacy and importance of the public sector to the Greek nation.

25 June 2011

Andrew Martlew tells of the British soldiers who fought - and fell - alongside the Italians in the Battle of Caporetto in World War I.

23 June 2011

As EU leaders meet at a summit to discuss Greece's debt crisis and its future in the Eurozone, Chris Morris visits the Chinese run port of Piraeus and wonders if Chinese investment could be the answer.

23 June 2011

Malta is replacing its characterful vintage buses with a newer and more efficient model, explains Jake Wallis Simons.

11 June 2011

As Turkey prepares for elections and EU membership talks, the nation appears ever more divided over the future of the country, as Hugh Sykes finds.

9 June 2011

An EU ban limiting rights to harvest peat for Irish home fires has been met with strong resistance, as Tracey Logan reports.

4 June 2011

Caroline Juler finds despite the changes Romania has seen in the last 20 years, provincial life goes on much as it has always done.

2 June 2011

Stephen Evans visits a market in Berlin where consumers are fearful following the deaths of 16 people in a food scare blamed on cucumbers.

28 May 2011

Tim Ecott takes a trip to the hard-to-reach Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic, where the weather is constantly changing.

26 May 2011

Pascale Harter joins Barcelona FC football fans as they celebrate their team winning the Spanish league, and discovers more than just a love of football at the heart of the club.

21 May 2011

While the economic downturn is forcing a new wave of emigration from Ireland as young people seek opportunities abroad, people from elsewhere in the world are as keen as ever to discover their Irish roots.

30 April 2011

Hugh Schofield reports on a human drama that has transfixed France - the murder of a mother and four teenagers apparently at the hands of the children's father.

23 April 2011

Hugh Schofield, who lives in an apartment in Paris, considers the effect this kind of living has on people's social behaviour.

16 April 2011

Kathy Flower explores the comeback of French spa towns and the importance of pampering the locals.

9 April 2011 Catching a sturgeon could once have changed a Danube fisherman's life but modern dams and over-fishing mean they are rapidly dying out, as Nick Thorpe reports.

7 April 2011

Estonia's ice roads have their own rules - no seatbelts and a recommended speed of 70km/h (43mph) to prevent your car tyres vibrating the ice.

26 March 2011

A far-right group determined to tackle what it describes as "Roma crime" in small town in Hungary is causing tension, Nick Thorpe reports.

17 March 2011

As the 50th anniversary of the first human in space approaches, Richard Hollingham reflects on the heady pioneering days at the start of the Soviet space programme.

26 February 2011

As the BBC World Service closes several of its language services, the BBC's Mark Lowen in Belgrade reflects on the impact and legacy of the Serbian service.

24 February 2011

Norway's kick-sledge tournament has been held for 30 years, but how would Paul Miles' British team fare in this year's competition?

19 February 2011

Fergal Keane reflects on the economic recklessness that plunged Ireland into poverty.

10 February 2011

At Vienna's annual ball season, Bethany Bell observes the practice of diplomacy on the dance floor.

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