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Middle East

Here are the From Our Own Correspondent stories from the Middle East from January 2011, sorted by date.

3 December 2011

As the USA's nine-year military intervention in Iraq comes to an end, the BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse in Baghdad finds that opinions are divided about what it will mean for the country.

19 November 2011

As Egyptians prepare to vote in the first parliamentary election since last spring's revolution, have they seen the change they were fighting for? Stephen Sackur reports.

05 November 2011

Jerusalem's light railway provides new travel possibilities, but remains controversial, says Matthew Teller.

20 October 2011

After months of unrest, life is hard for the residents of Homs, but especially for women who are unable to leave the house, as Sue Lloyd Roberts discovered.

15 October 2011

Frank Gardner returns to Bahrain to find a country in the midst of allegations of murder, beatings and torture.

15 October 2011

Recent violent clashes between Coptic Christian protesters and police in Cairo have left many Egyptians with a deepening sense of disenchantment with the authorities, says Yolande Knell.

27 August 2011

Jeremy Bowen says Israel - traditionally uncomfortable with change in the Middle East - could be about to face some challenges closer to home.

25 June 2011

As the Arab Spring protests continue - and the eyes of the world shift to other countries, Bahrain's doctors go on trial for speaking to the foreign media.

9 June 2011

On the 44th anniversary of the 1967 Middle East war, Israeli troops open fire on unarmed protesters trying to reach the border in a symbolic gesture, as Kevin Connolly witnessed.

21 May 2011

Saudi Arabia has not seen the sort of protests which have been going on elsewhere in the region but as Michael Buchanan explains it is a place which, above all, values stability.

14 May 2011

Matthew Teller explores Saudi Arabia's lucrative rose industry and has a memorable meeting with a stranger.

30 April 2011

As footage and images of injured protesters continues to emerge, Owen Bennett-Jones examines the PR battle ensuing in Syria.

16 April 2011

Frank Gardner returns to Bahrain, where he lived in the 1990s, to assess life under a state of emergency.

2 April 2011

Genevieve Bicknell meets a woman who has been passionately campaigning for the release of her husband, held as a political prisoner.

2 April 2011 Newly arrived in the Egyptian capital, the BBC's Owen Bennett-Jones discovers that taxi drivers always have their eyes on the prize.

19 March 2011

Hannah Barnes meets a custodian of modern Hebrew, a language that has been brought back to life in Israel.

19 February 2011

The violent suppression of protesters in Bahrain has shown people at home and abroad a different side to the country, as Bill Law explains.

12 February 2011

Rupert Wingfield-Hayes describes his terrifying experience of being detained by Mubarak's secret police.

5 February 2011

Kevin Connolly watches events unfold in Egypt as President Hosni Mubarak grapples to hold on to power.

29 January 2011

In Beirut, Kevin Connolly watches Lebanon come to terms with its political turmoil.

15 January 2011

Clive Lawton soaks up the atmosphere in Tzfat in Israel, known as the home of Kabbalah.

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