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Here are the From Our Own Correspondent stories from the South Asia region for 2010, sorted by date.

11 December 2010

In Chennai, Peter Curran becomes a judge in an countrywide competition and finds students arguing whether English is important in India.

11 November 2010

The Maldives government is determined to protect the marine life around its shores - and along with it, the country's economy - as Tim Ecott explains.

21 October 2010

Aleem Maqbool in Islamabad considers whether there is a lack of public and political will to tackle the problems facing the country.

16 October 2010

India's pride took a battering in the run-up to the Commonwealth Games but, as Sam Miller explains, at least Delhi's Metro received a boost.

9 October 2010

In Indian-administered Kashmir, Chris Morris discovers how local journalists trying to cover violent demonstrations have often become the targets themselves.

2 October 2010

Bandits and insurgents are tightening their hold on Afghanistan's roads, but women's lives are improving says Ian Pannell as he prepares to leave his posting in the country.

23 September 2010

A new generation has emerged as Afghanistan's best hope for better times says Lyse Doucet in Kabul.

11 September 2010

In a resort in northern India, Mark Tully finds the allure of British-built hill stations remains, despite the creep of pollution and high-rise buildings.

6 September 2010

Jill McGivering reflects on how intervening to help a child survive Pakistan's floods left her with mixed emotions.

21 August 2010

Three weeks after the start of the floods in Pakistan, a fifth of the country is under water. More international aid is now reaching the country but, as Mohammed Hanif reports, the world's media finds it hard to stop talking about terrorism.

14 August 2010

The killing of eight foreign aid workers in Afghanistan is a mark of dark and disturbing times, as fragmentation in the country's social fabric increases, says Kate Clark.

24 July 2010

Hugh Sykes visits a cinema in Kabul, whose fate over the years has been shaped by Afghanistan's troubled history.

10 July 2010

With UK troops set to hand over the Sangin area to US forces, Frank Gardner reflects on the challenges in the accelerated drive to prepare Afghan soldiers to take full control of their country.

3 July 2010

An Afghan man tends his garden loyally and patiently but will the allied forces have the same patience to stay and nurture Afghanistan, asks Caroline Wyatt.

19 June 2010

As the US more than trebles its forces in Afganistan, many senior officers believe they face an impossible mission, writes Mark Urban.

17 June 2010

Pulling people round on the back of a cycle-rickshaw is a tiring job but, as Chris Morris discovered, a new electric version may be the way forward.

12 June 2010

Mohammed Hanif asks why Pakistan's Ahmadi community is intensely disliked.

3 June 2010

In Kabul, Martin Patience explains how in the quest for progress there are fears that the small gains won by Afghan women may be lost.

17 April 2010

India's first female chief minister of an Indian state, Kumari Mayawati, is celebrated by those at the bottom of the Hindu caste system as their champion - but also criticised for amassing a vast personal wealth.

27 March 2010

A belief that Jesus survived the crucifixion and spent his remaining years in Kashmir has led to a run-down shrine in the capital Srinagar making it firmly onto the must-visit-in-India tourist trail.

27 February 2010

For millions of Indian Hindus, the temple is a place of worship and reverence, but Krupa Padhy discovers a visit can feel like stepping into a circus.

13 February 2010

Frank Gardner reports from Kandahar Airbase, Afghanistan on the build-up to a big allied offensive against Taliban forces.

21 January 2010

Security in Kabul has been stepped up following the Taliban's attack on the Afghan capital. But the militants' mission was not entirely successful, as Allan Little explains.

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